From Swedish to English

From this day on this blog will be written in English, even though I am Swedish. This is because something has happened in my life, something that to me seems pretty big and scary. I have described myself as a female seaman working in the Swedish Navy for quite a time on this blog, and this was of course true, until a couple of weeks ago.

On August 26th I began my new life at Linköping University, at an English course, fulltime, with other students, and foremost: civilian. I have been in the military for almost two years, and even though it might sound as a short time I have accustomed quite a lot to the way things are done in the military during this time. I feel almost lost in the civilian life!

So, I have decided that my blog from now on will be my personal English-speaking spot. This practically means that I am going to write in English, but you however (you poor souls who still are reading this) may of course comment in any language you would like. Preferably Swedish or English since I do not really speak any other language and google translate only takes you so far…

I hope I still will be seeing some of my old readers even though the sudden change of languages!  

Take care,