Fotobetet: O

First of all I'd like to apologize for posting my project picture later than agreed. My house suffered from a Power cut yesterday, and by the time it was fixed I was already at sleep. But, as it is said: Better late than never!

The letter of the month was "O", and I choose to portray the Swedish word "Ont", meaning pain/ache.
At the first of each month me and the photographer/director Lina Steén post a picture on our blogs. Each Picture is meant to symbolize or portray a letter in the alphabet. The aim of this photo-project is to maintain our creativity and force ourselves to create something new. The letter of this month was O.
#1 - - Lina Steén:

WOW! Jäklar vad bra! Kan va din bästa hittills enligt mig :D

#2 - - Andreas Blomkvist:

Jäklar så bra den blev!:)