Little Liar Bird


A little bird with heavy wings
Flies higher than anyone sings
Spreading lies like clouds spread rain
Singing about equal love, trust and pain
Giving promises that birdy won't keep
Burying trust deep under a compost heap
Rising anger with remote disdain
But the consequenses are all in vain
Try to catch the flying bird
Little birdy's friend lies quiet and unheard



Hanna Kannerstål


Shooting Star

The naked branches of the trees
Left alone with chilling breeze
When leaves have left through the air
And none is there to smell my hair
A heavy stone of solitude
Carried around with fortitude
An unread book with hopes intact
And none to see the closing act
But it is what it is and we are what we are
You were lucky, you saw a shooting star
Hanna Kannerstål

Fotobetet: O

First of all I'd like to apologize for posting my project picture later than agreed. My house suffered from a Power cut yesterday, and by the time it was fixed I was already at sleep. But, as it is said: Better late than never!

The letter of the month was "O", and I choose to portray the Swedish word "Ont", meaning pain/ache.
At the first of each month me and the photographer/director Lina Steén post a picture on our blogs. Each Picture is meant to symbolize or portray a letter in the alphabet. The aim of this photo-project is to maintain our creativity and force ourselves to create something new. The letter of this month was O.