Fotobetet: Q

The letter of this month was 'Q'. 
Okey, I admit. This might not have been my best piece of art ever... I simply chose to portray the letter of the month by creating something that looked like the actual letter. I used pumpkin oil to paint the letter on a plate and spread Quinoa (!) on it to make some kind of pattern.
At the first of each month me and the photographer/director Lina Steén post a picture on our blogs. Each picture is meant to symbolize or portray a letter in the alphabet. The aim of this photo-project is to maintain our creativity and force ourselves to create something new. The letter of this month was Q.
#1 - - Lina Steén:

diggar nya designen!
Så skönt att bara kunna bläddra och inte behöva klicka sig in på varje inlägg. Nice!

Svar: Haha, tack! :D
The Author