Diamonds on a shelf


Nobody spells C.H.R.U.S.H.E.D. as well as I do
I know both the spelling and the view
Not that you don’t do as well as I
But I think you know what I mean if you try
A beaver gnaws on a tree the same way
as you gnawed out my inner pray
I try to defend myself against that thyme
and those voices of the children and their innocent grime
And I warm myself from the knowledge I get
that I do not own the feelings of regret
Yet, I know that I will never be free
from the sense that I got lost on the sea
And I try so hard to tell myself
that diamonds are so easily put on a shelf
But if that works is to be seen
Otherwise I guess I’ll be back with the Marine
But know this, I swear, like a fox, I’ll be there
Cunning and crafty, you’ll have to beware  


Hanna Kannerstål